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Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.


During snack one day one child noticed the apple they were eating looked a little bit different and was 'bruised'.  The children then started to compare their apples and talked about the colour, size and texture.  We decided that we would spend a few days learning all about apples.  We found out the names of the different parts of the apple including seed, flesh, skin, core and stem.  We talked about how apples grow.  We cut apples in half and used them to print repeating patterns.  For snack we drank apple juice and during snack time we tasted apples and used wonderful adjectives to describe the taste and texture.  In the home corner we had a look in some recipe books to see what we could make using apples.  One day we pressed apples and even pretended to make apple crumble.  For the first few weeks in Nursery Mrs Walsh and Mrs Blackmore had been showing us how to use paint and pencils and pastels to paint and draw different pictures and how we can tell people about our drawings.  We used these skills to create some wonderful observational drawings of some apples in a basket.   Here are some photographs of our wonderful apple topic.