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Edisford Primary School

Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.


We have been learning all about Autumn.  We collected leaves, painted them using autumn colours and made some fantastic crowns.  We learnt a poem all about the leaves changing colour and we even added some Makaton signs to the words.  We found out why the leaves change colour and fall to the ground.


One day one of the children saw a hedgehog in their garden.  We used books and posters to find out more information.  We found out that they are nocturnal, they have over 5000 spikes and use these spikes to protect themselves when they roll up into a ball.  We collected sticks and leaves and made a place for them to hibernate in.  Did you know that milk can make hedgehogs poorly?  We left a small plate with a little bit of water and some berries.  Hopefully they will use their long snout to find the food that we have left them.