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Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.


On the 14 November 2020 it will be the Hindu celebration Diwali.  We have been listening to the story of Sita and Rama and how Sita was taken by the evil King and was left stranded on an island.  Sita was rescued by Rama and an army of monkeys and bears and together they followed a trail of light to safety.  We found out that Diwali is the festival of light.  We made our very own Diva lamps and decorated them with colourful sequins.


We found out that during Diwali Hindu's decorate their houses with lots of lights.  We decorated our small world house with lights.  Outside their houses Hindu's decorate their doorsteps with patterns made from coloured rice and flour paste.  This is a beautiful art form.  We coloured Rangoli patterns using felt tips and pencil crayons.  Mrs Walsh is noticing a difference now in our stamina and also our presentation and ability to stay within the lines.  We are also using more than one colour and we are really thinking about the colour choices we make and the impact that they have on our work.