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Hot! Hot! Hot!

This week it has been Bonfire Night.  We used this as a hook for a little topic all about fire and heat.  We found out all about the history of bonfire night.  We mixed paint using cling film to create paintings of bonfires and used our cutting skills to cut out the fires and photos of our silhouettes to make it look like we were at a bonfire.  We had black playdough on the malleable table and added sequins and glitter to make bonfire night creations. On black paper we used pastels, crayons and paints to create firework and fire pictures.  We even had our very own bonfire outside.  We used fire lighters for the fuel and kindling to light the fire that we had built with the dry sticks that we collected.  We talked about fire safety and how to use a special stance near a fire in case we need to make a quick exit. We kept nice and warm by the fire by singing songs and drinking hot chocolate.  We talked about the importance of making sure the fire was out when we were leaving not only because of the safety of the school but also to keep wildlife safe.  We learnt all about heat and how we use heat to turn chocolate from a solid and melt it into a liquid.  We used the melted hot chocolate to make chocolate apples which we decorated with colourful sprinkles that reminded us of colourful fireworks.