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Light and Space

As part as an investigation area activity Mrs Blackmore set out some torches and some colour glasses with changeable lenses.  The children really showed an interest in the glasses so Mrs Walsh told us the story of Anna and her Amazing glasses.  The story is all about a girl who finds some glasses at the bottom on her garden, the lenses change colour.  We made our own glasses using our scissor skills and coloured cellophane.  Everything seemed to change colour when we looked through them.  We also liked reading the story the Gingerbread Man at the end of the day on Monday so Mrs Walsh and Mrs Blackmore combined the two and we created our own puppet show.  We used coloured cellophane to make shadow puppets.   
We also had lots more fun painting pictured of the characters, making Gingerbread man out of play dough, building bridges across the river and colouring and designing gingerbread.
Here are the shadow puppets.
Here are a few photographs of us exploring magnets, playing with spaceships and writing for some aliens that have visited Nursery this week.