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Monday 8th March

Yeahhhh!  We are all coming back to school on Monday and I can not wait to see all of your smiling faces.  I went into school yesterday and I have set up some activities.  I thought it would be nice for you to see some photographs of Nursery and maybe have a think about what you would like to do when you come back.
I know that a lot of you like to build so I have made the Construction Area much bigger.  We have different sized wooden bricks, Mobilo, Duplo, cardboard boxes and many more things that you can add to your structures. 
Because a lot of you have been at home for quite a long time I have made a home corner with a kitchen and a dining room, recipe books, a hoover and again much more, including a laptop that you can use to order your online shopping.
For the next few weeks we are going to be learning all about celebrations from around the world.  We will be having our own celebration to celebrate Nursery reopening and I would like you to plan a party for Tuesday.  I need you to write a shopping list for the things you may like to have at the party and we also need to write party invitations. 
Sssshhh! This week will also be celebrating Mother's Day.  We will be painting pictures of our Mummy's and Grandma's and we can make them a gift and a card.
We are also going to be talking about animal babies and their mothers.  Here are some activities including a farm, the playdough table for you to make adult animals and baby animals and there also 5 Little Ducks in the water.  Do you know the rhyme already?
I also wanted to learn more about our bodies and how we grow.  I have put some books in the investigation area, a life cycle jigsaw and as an extra treat the skeleton and an x-ray machine for you to investigate the human body.

And just because we love playing with them I have put some dinosaurs in the sand along with a flowing river and an erupting volcano.



I hope you are as excited as I am about coming back to Nursery.  We shall see you on Monday.


Mrs Walsh and Mrs Blackmore