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Supertato and Superheroes

The children in our class absolutely love superheroes.  We have been talking about how super we are and what our talents and skills are.  We used our cutting skills to make masks, we used super hero characters to create and solve problems and we used large bricks to make a super hero city with tall towers and long roads.


One day we read Supertato and we loved it. The next day when we came into Nursery the evil peas had captured the vegetables.  We had to set a trap using the plastic and wooden bricks to capture the evil peas, one young man in the class decided that a bridge they had used needed an evil troll, he had heard that about the evil troll in a different story book.  We used tweezers to capture evil peas and we counted how many peas we could pick up in one minute.  Mrs Walsh and Mrs Blackmore had put lots of different materials and crafty bits and actual potatoes in the creative area so we used our imagination to be creative and to make our very own Supertatoes.