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Amazing Achievements

Check back here regularly from September 2018 to see examples of pupils' wonderful work and 'Amazing Achievements'!

Amazing Achievements Assembly: Friday 15th February, 2019


An atmosphere of celebration filled the air on Friday, as Amazing Achievements were awarded to pupils.  This was an especially joyous occasion as their parents, or other family members, were invited to join this special event.  Children have received awards for particular achievements, such as producing fabulous work in art, English or maths.  Others may have achieved something truly special outside of school, which has had an effect on their school life. Yet others may have received an award for their exemplary attitude towards school life in general.  Children in Nursery and Reception held their own Amazing Achievements Assembly on Friday afternoon and received their certificates from Mrs Holden. 


Whatever the reason for your award, we congratulate you wholeheartedly!  Well done!

Well done for your participation in the East Lancs Hospice 2K run on 13th January, 2019.  We are very proud of you!

What a great response from Sir David Attenborough! Well done, Theo!

Congratulations to children who received an Amazing Achievement Award last week! 

(w/c 15th October, 2018)

Congratulations to our young triathlete!!

Congratulations to our young triathlete!! 1
After a particularly emotive first-hand experience in English, some of our Year 5 pupils recently wrote a passionate letter to the Prime Minister regarding our concerns about plastic pollution. Take a look at the reply they received from 10, Downing Street!
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