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Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.


And the winner is.....   SMAUG!


Congratulations to all members of Smaug on winning the 2017/18 House Cup for sports!

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As part of the areas of motivational learning which underpin all teaching and learning at Edisford, children from Reception to Year 6 are sorted into Houses and earn House Points during sporting tournaments and for weekly awards such as: Amazing Achievements, Marvellous Manners and Terrific Tidying.    In 2017, a whole school election took place to decide on new and exciting House names with a theme of 'Mythical Creatures and Dragons'!  


House names and colours are as follows:


Doomfang               Green


Nightfury               Red


Skullion                 Blue


Smaug                   Purple


Children wear their House colour t-shirts for P.E. lessons and tournaments, creating a rainbow of colour.


A special House Election Committee, composed of Key Stage 2 children, researched our mythical creatures and produced impressive biographies to enable us to learn more about their special characteristics and powers.   Click on the link below to read each creature's biography and find out more!




Smaug House Chant

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Take a look at our House chants written and choreographed by our lovely Year 6s!

Skullion House Chant

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Nightfury House Chant

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Doomfang House Chant

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