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Edisford Primary School

Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.

Our Team

Joint Headteachers

Mr R Pye & Mrs E Hamilton-Thorpe

Senior Leadership Team


Miss E Blockeel


Mrs N Holden






Early Years/Foundation Stage Staff



Mrs L Blackmore


Support Staff

Mrs A Bentley, Mrs JM Daykin



Mrs N Holden, Mrs L Walsh


Support Staff

Mrs B Fielding, Miss V Ireland






Year 1

Miss A Taylor-Grant


Support Staff

Miss L Knight, Mrs A Smith


Year 2

Miss E Blockeel


Support Staff

Mrs T Banks, Mrs J Chadwick






Year 3

Mrs C Callus


Year 4

Mr B Walker


Year 5

Mrs A Pye


Year 6

Mrs B Dryden




Additional KS2 Teachers (English/Maths Sets/Focused Interventions)


Mrs C Agius



Mrs C Darnell (SENCO)



Miss A Knight

Mrs R Peachey



Additional Support Staff



Miss N Fairhurst



Miss J McTear

Miss R Slinger

Miss C Taylor







Office Staff


Mrs C Rodgers


Miss R Slinger


Miss C Taylor