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Edisford Primary School

Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.

Our School Ethos

Edisford Primary School Ethos


We believe in the power of education and that we are in the best possible position to decide what is best for the young people that attend our school.  Consequently, our curriculum truly supports the values that we uphold.  These are based around developing five successful characteristics.


Education starts with relationships - we call this People Skills.  We build relationships based on mutual trust, forgiveness and co-operation.  Pupils are encouraged to make informed choices about their behaviour.  We encourage joy in work for both pupils and the adults working in the school.  By driving out fear, pupils and teachers can use their creative skills and take risks because risk-taking is seen as an essential part of learning.  This makes learning attractive, achievement-orientated and, therefore, fun!  It also promotes the development of Emotional Resilience: this is the ability to bounce back after failure, which in turn leads to an increase in Persistence and enhanced Organisational Skills.  The overall result is a more Confident pupil, that has a 'can do' attitude to work and is more likely to succeed.


Central to our belief is that young people learn best through first-hand experience and focused teaching.  We organise activities for pupils to practise the successful characteristics, mentioned above, through our pioneering Endeavour Awards Scheme and Rockface ability groupings for English and Maths - this is unique to our school and you won't find this anywhere else! 


Furthermore, work-life balance is an important aspect of our school belief.  We don't expect teachers to do any work that does not make a difference to learning -  and the same goes for our pupils!  We encourage parents to read with their children, but not to do meaningless homework tasks; rather give their children as many different experiences outside of school as possible.  In this way, both teachers and pupils come to school each day refreshed - to work and play hard.  Quality over quantity is our message.