Back to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.
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Battle of Hastings Re-enactment

On Monday 14th October, Year 1 and 2 children commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with a rousing re-enactment!  Year 1 children took on the role of Norman invaders under the leadership of William of Normandy, while Year 2 children stoically defended Harold Godwinson and their country as the Anglo Saxons.  


Prior to the battle, children all designed and created their own, unique shield.  Anglo Saxon shields were circular in shape, while the Norman army had more of a teardrop design.  Children paid particular attention to the requirements of heraldry and included details about themselves and their army in their designs.  


All of the children were throughly immersed in their roles, taking this historical storytelling very seriously.  Fantastic, KS1!

Crossing the English Channel

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