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Year 1 Coding

As part of their digital literacy learning this half term, children in Year 1 have been looking at how computers are used in the wider world.  They had fun simulating what happens inside a supermarket, looking at how each article is deducted from the supermarket's database when its unique barcode is scanned through the checkout.  When no more products (Baked Beans) were left in the database the warehouse controller had to be alerted to restock the shelves.
Year 1 children were introduced to coding this half term with a series of 'unplugged' activities. Children made their own Rob the Robot from plasticine, before creating a simple algorithm to instruct Rob to clean his teeth.  Children learned the importance of specific instructions, e.g. Get a toothbrush, rather than any old brush, to clean your teeth!  Lots of fun was had in this task, with a rather creative group of robots being made.
Children further explored the world of coding and algorithms when they had to guide their (blindfolded) partner through a giant maze in the School Hall.  A specific set of instructions was to be used and the navigator had to think carefully and predict where their next instruction would lead their partner, correcting and debugging as they went.