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Year 2 Manchester Runway Trip

Year 2 had a fabulous time at the Manchester Runway Park on Monday 7th November. After learning all about the Wright brothers - the American aviation pioneers who invented, built and flew the world's first successful airplane in 1903 - in their history topic 'First Flight', the children were thrilled to have an up-close look at more modern flying machines!


We had the chance to board real aircraft - the classroom is in the cabin of a DC10. Here children were involved in role-play situations, exploring some of the many jobs that help the airport to run smoothly. Everyone had a chance to hop into the pilot's seat on the flight deck to sample the feeling of being a pilot or a flight engineer!


Although we were unable to get up close to the iconic Concorde, we were able to peek in through the huge hangar windows and children were astonished to learn that this amazing aircraft's cruising speed was 1350 mph!


We were also impressed to witness the landing of an A380 aircraft - currently the largest aircraft in the world (its wingspan is the size of a football pitch!) and even to receive a wave from the pilot as he taxied the aircraft past the Runway Park. laugh


All in all, a fantastic day! The Year 2 team were extremely proud of our children as they represented our school beautifully.

Edisford Cabin Crew!

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Our wonderful cabin crew give the safety announcement - we’re in good hands!

Edisford Cabin Crew!

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Edisford Police Team!

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A380 Landing

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It’s so loud when they apply the brakes!