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Adventure Endeavour Badge

An enduring favourite of pupils, the Adventure badge equips children with a wide variety of skills for life.


A snapshot of endeavouring activities undertaken by children:


  • Team building and problem solving.
  • Adventure First Aid.
  • Codes and signals.
  • Rope work.
  • Survival shelters.
  • Campfires.
  • Cycling.
  • Navigation and orienteering.

Spring Term 2023

Spring 2019


Our adventurers were building campfires this week in their Endeavours session.   A tasty treat of toasted marshmallows was their reward for a campfire well built! 

Our intrepid adventurers have had a fantastic time this term.  Their activities have included a woodland walk to search for conkers and a shelter building session in our vast school grounds.
Working together to build campfires before toasting marshmallows and bread!  Delicious!