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Confidence. Persistence. Getting Along. Organisation. Resilience.

Marvellous Manners

Remember to check back regularly to see which Marvellous Manners we are looking for this week.


Try to accumulate all of the manners as we go along!

School Year 2023/24

W/C 6th November, 2023

W/C 9th October, 2023

W/C 2nd October, 2023

W/C 25th September, 2023

School Year 2022/23

W/C 26th June, 2023

W/C 12th June, 2023

W/C 5th June, 2023

W/C 22nd May, 2023

W/C 1st May, 2023

W/C 24th April, 2023

W/C 27th March, 2023

W/C 20th March, 2023

W/C 13th March, 2023

W/C 6th March, 2023

W/C 27th February, 2023

W/C 20th February, 2023

W/C 6th February, 2023

W/C 30th January, 2023

W/C 23rd January, 2023

W/C 16th January, 2023

W/C 9th January, 2023

W/C 5th December, 2022

W/C 28th November, 2022

W/C 21st November, 2022

W/C 14th November, 2022

W/C 7th November, 2022:

W/C 17th October, 2022

W/C 10th October, 2022

W/C 26th September, 2022

W/C 19th September, 2022

School Year 2021/22

W/C 27th June, 2022

W/C 20th June, 2022

W/C 13th June, 2022

W/C 6th June, 2022

W/C 23rd May, 2022

W/C I6th May, 2022

W/C 9th May, 2022

W/C 2nd May, 2022

W/C 28th March, 2022

W/C 21st March, 2022

W/C 7th February, 2022

W/C 17th January, 2022 Chosen by our new ambassadors.

W/C 10th January, 2022

W/C 15th November, 2021

W/C 15th March, 2020

W/C 9th March, 2020

W/C 24th February, 2020

W/C 10th February, 2020

W/C 27th January, 2020

W/C 20th January, 2020

W/C 13th January, 2020

W/C 9th & 16th December, 2019

W/C 2nd December, 2019

W/C 18th November, 2019

W/C 4th November, 2019

W/C 28th October, 2019

W/C 14th October, 2019

W/C 7th October, 2019

W/C 30th September, 2019

W/C 23rd September, 2019

W/C 16th September, 2019

W/C 9th September, 2019: Be positive and ready to learn every day.

W/C 1st July, 2019

W/C 24th June, 2019

W/C 17th June, 2019

W/C 10th June, 2019

W/C 3rd June, 2019

W/C 20th May, 2019

W/C 13th May, 2019

W/C 6th May, 2019

W/C 29th April, 2019

W/C 22nd April, 2019

W/C 1st April, 2019


This week, teachers will be nominating pupils for an Amazing Achievement award in our lovely assembly.  Parents of children receiving an award will be invited to watch. smiley

W/C 25th March, 2019

W/C 18th March, 2019

W/C 11th March, 2019

W/C 4th March, 2019

W/C 11th February, 2019 & W/C 25th February, 2019

W/C 4th February, 2019

W/C 28th January, 2019

W/C 21st January, 2019

W/C 14th January, 2019

W/C 7th January, 2019

W/C 10th December, 2018

W/C 26th November, 2018

W/C 19th November, 2018

W/C 12th November, 2018

W/C 5th November, 2018

W/C 15th October, 2018


Your teachers will be looking for Amazing Achievements in your work this week. 😊


This could be a stunning piece of art, the mastering of a tricky maths skill, producing a wonderful piece of writing...  The possibilities are endless!


Work will be published in the 'Amazing Achievements' section of our website.


Good luck!

W/C 8th October, 2018

W/C 1st October, 2018

W/C 24th September, 2018

W/C 17th September, 2018

W/C 10th September, 2018

W/C 3rd September, 2018


Welcome back to school!  We hope you've all had a fantastic summer holiday and look forward to hearing all about it!


Our marvellous manners for this week are being ready to learn!  There are many ways to show this:

  • making sure you have the necessary equipment at the start of each lesson;
  • listening carefully to instructions from your teacher;
  • persisting with tasks even when they're challenging; 
  • working well with your peers;
  • reading lots in school and at home...


We're sure you can think of many more ways!

Manners w/c 9th July and 16th July, 2018