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Flair for Photography

Flair for Computing: We are Photographers!

We are so very proud to present photographs from our first Flair for Computing group!  Ten budding Year 2 photographers have had a great few weeks learning some of the skills required to produce photos which engage and capture the imagination.  Here are just some of the things they have covered:


  • how images are captured by a camera,
  • describing and evaluating a series of photograph; what makes a good photograph?
  • how to compose images aesthetically using composition skills such as 'fill the frame' or the 'rule of thirds',
  • 'we are photographers' all around the school grounds,
  • how photos are uploaded to a computer and stored on the school server,
  • using dedicated software to enhance and edit photographs to obtain a particular effect.


Children were confident in their presentation of their work to other Flair groups and teachers this week.  We are certain that you will agree that these photos are stunning in their composition and effects!  Very well done to you all!


October 2019